Case Study - Pennsylvania Department of Education

The Brighton team has worked with the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Food and Nutrition since 2009 converting their traditional in-person training program to an automated online system.

Problems with traditional CACFP and SFSP training included:
  • Staff time
  • Training costs
  • Turnover of childcare staff
  • Webinar or in-person, you weren’t sure if the participants were paying attention
  • Effectiveness – sponsors were making more mistakes than with eLearning

Traditional in-person training resulted in poor application rates. Only 65% of new sponsors attending the in-person training successfully applied.

With online training, that has increased to 90% who successfully apply!

65% success rate

increased to

 90% success rate

We provide:

  • Automated training & tracking system
  • Online course design & development
  • Course content updates as reg’s change
  • Help desk support

Number of years we have been providing online CACFP and SFSP training courses to PDE:

6 years!

Server uptime:



Number of course registration processed:

     5000+ course registrations processed

Course titles included:

  • CACFP for New Sponsors
  • CACFP Annual Training
  • CACFP Performance Standards
  • CACFP Corrective Action & Remediation Training
  • Civil Rights Training
  • Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) Training

Module titles included:

  • Financial Management in the CACFP Program
  • Infants in the CACFP Program
  • Adults in the CACFP Program
  • At-Risk Afterschool Program
  • Quality Monitoring for CACFP Staff