Online SFSP Training

Automated SFSP Training for Sponsors

Brighton’s Training & Tracking System delivers online SFSP training courses through a portal branded for your organization. The training system provides testing, tracking and comprehensive reporting.


1455814605_checkmark_done_complete Save money having all staff complete required online courses. No in-person trainings necessary.
1455814605_checkmark_done_complete Retrain staff when problems are detected.


1455814605_checkmark_done_complete Increase compliance with state processes and procedures.


Courses by Leading Experts

 1455814605_checkmark_done_complete Brighton’s team has over 100 combined years experience in SFSP & CACFP


Convenient and Flexible

1455814605_checkmark_done_complete Users can access the courses online, 24/7 and 365 days a year
1455814605_checkmark_done_complete The training works on PCs, mobile phones and tablets


Highly Interactive

 1455814605_checkmark_done_complete Engaging delivery enhances retention

Course Materials

 1455814605_checkmark_done_complete Each course includes printable job aides and workbooks



1455814605_checkmark_done_complete Users must score an 80% or higher on all quizzes in order to generate their Certificate of Completion


Curriculum Customization

 1455814605_checkmark_done_complete Brighton organizes the trainings to your specific needs


Site Administration

 1455814605_checkmark_done_complete Ability to generate powerful user status reports
 1455814605_checkmark_done_complete Assign position specific training to staff



 1455814605_checkmark_done_complete Your organization’s logo will be displayed on the homepage



 1455814605_checkmark_done_complete Customer and Technical Support is available to help your team with implementation


Download 2 Page Printable Flyer (PDF):