Mary Neal Jones, Senior Program & Policy Analyst, Nemours

005All the best as you continue to develop and grow Brighton. You all have done amazing work for us at Nemours and DEPDNow.com – work that really makes our content come alive! It has been delightful to change my (previously) negative opinion about online training. And the data tells the story about how quickly people in Delaware embraced this way of learning! Brighton helped us produce a large library of online courses for DEPDNow.com and the growth of the program is amazing to see –

  • The rate of successful course completions is doubling every quarter as more early care and education providers learn about our online training options.
  • There are over 8,000 diverse early care and education professionals in DE who can take our online courses as one way to meet their training requirements.
  • We have already had over 1,200 successful online course completions within the first 12 months.
  • Nearly 100% of users would recommend the online courses to their colleagues.
  • Our users report 90-98% high satisfaction regarding ease of use, value of the content, their ability to put what they learn into action, etc.

–Mary Neal Jones, Nemours Health & Prevention Services

Dave Nichols, Senior Program & Policy Analyst, Nemours

dave-nicholsI spent most of my life teaching. I worked for more than 30 in public K-12 education, 19 of which were in the classroom. Additionally, I have taught at the undergraduate and graduate level. I really value face-to-face interactions. Research tells us that learning takes place either when you have to put new knowledge in to your own words or into action. That typically happens in traditional classrooms.

When I was first introduced to Brighton Training Group, I was skeptical that any online training program could be as effective as face-to-face. The only reason I was willing to work with Brighton was that it was a means to reach early childhood family home providers on their terms. These educators run a small business out of their home. They are typically working from 7AM to 6 PM, five days a week caring for up to 9 pre-school children. They don’t have the freedom to take a day or two from work to receive training and it’s not realistic to expect them to go to evening classes after one of their typical days.

With the belief that any training that we could get these educators to attend was better than no training at all; we began with low expectations. Imagine my surprise as I saw the lessons Brighton Training Group helped my staff create.   We provided the content and a general outline and Brighton transformed it into an engaging lessons. These are not the typical slide show with voice over. They contain animation and cleaver approaches to the learning. They also include quizzes and tests drawn randomly for a bank of questions. Gone are the days when one person actually takes the class and the test, then passes on the answers for everyone else. The assessments measure the important lesson from the content, not the factoids that one sees so often in online classes.

The evaluations conducted from course takers has told us that the knowledge gained from DEPD Now has been accessible to the full range of course takers from non-high school graduates to individuals holding graduate degrees. The evaluation has also indicated the content is applicable. Most course completers have said that they will be able to use the information either the next day or a day in the next week.

So, I have gone from a skeptic on the possible value of online courses to a promoter of quality online education. I do need to put a caveat on this statement. I’m a believer in the courses that Brighton has helped create in the last year. Other online platforms I continue to find wanting.

–Dave Nichols, Nemours Health & Prevention Services

Tiho Enev, Evaluation & Research Scientist, Nemours

Tiho_EnevBrighton has been a great partner in creating and maintaining the DEPD Now website, a childcare professional development site, owned by a group of Delaware partners providing services in the field of child care. From the very beginning the company applied creative thinking and innovative training methods to build an interactive and dynamic interface for all available courses and actively engage users in the learning process. User engagement and dynamic feedback are key features in online training, making the critical distinction between a mediocre and effective learning.

The positive feedback NHPS received for its courses from all users, one year after the launch of the site, was overwhelming. The satisfaction from key characteristics of the site and the content and the effectiveness of the classes, measured through post-training surveys, is consistently at the 95% level.

This speaks volumes for the quality of the work and the services provided by the company. In addition, Brighton’s management is very responsive to the dynamic requests of the site partners associated with content changes or the introduction of various measurement and testing instruments. The company also provides customer support services, essential for any training environment.

–Tiho Enev, Nemours Health & Prevention Services

Kate DuPont Phillips, Senior Program Analyst, Nemours

bio photo-kate dupont phillipsThe team at Brighton is amazing! Though technically a contractor, we consider them a partner in developing and executing a collaboration among several Delaware organizations to provide quality online professional development for early childhood educators. This initiative is exciting, strategic and very unwieldy, given the need to coordinate communication and funding among different groups. Despite this challenge, the members of Brighton team are creative, flexible, responsive, and produce high quality courses. We are glad to have found such a talented group, and consider them a part of our team.

–Kate DuPont Phillips, Nemours Health & Prevention Services

Amanda Anderson,SFSP, SMP, and CACFP Homes, Wyoming Department of Education

Working with Brighton Training Group was a great experience for the Wyoming Department of Education.  Throughout the entire process of creating our training modules we received exceptional customer service and a very fast turn around time.

–Amanda Anderson, Wyoming Department of Education