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Brighton Training Group specializes in providing online SFSP training to state agencies administering the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP).

Bright Track is an online training and tracking system that automates compliance training for state agencies administering child nutrition programs.

Example Sole Source Template

Typically, Child Nutrition Programs are run by a state agency such as a State Department of Education. The state agency holds the master agreement with USDA to serve as the contact for all issues related to the administration and operation of the Child Nutrition Programs in that state. Often, the state agency operates all programs

  • National School Lunch Program (NSLP)
  • Summer Food Service Program (SFSP)
  • Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)
  • Special Milk Program
  • Food Distribution Program

Providing mandatory training to returning and new sponsors is both expensive and time consuming. Brighton’s online training and tracking system enables states to deliver the compliance training online and helps to automate the entire training program.

Current state agency clients include:

  • Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), Division of Food and Nutrition (DFN)
  • Delaware Department of Education (DOE)
  • Ohio Department of Education (ODE), Office of Child Nutrition
  • Wyoming Department of Education (WDE), Nutrition Programs
  • Hawaii Department of Education, Child Nutrition Programs
  • Indiana Department of Education, School and Community Nutrition Programs

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Check out our new SFSP demo video for state agencies:

SFSP Training Demo Video

Example SFSP Training Course Outline

LESSON 1 Eligibility and Site Selection 75min
Topic 1 SFSP Participant Eligibility 10min
Topic 2 SFSP Sponsor Eligibility 10min
Topic 3 Types of SFSP Sites 10min
Topic 4 SFSP Site Selection 10min
Topic 5 SFSP Site Eligibility Documentation 10min
Topic 6 Income Eligibility Applications 10min
Topic 7 Categorical Eligibility 10min
Topic 8 Military Benefits and Income Eligibility 10min
LESSON 2 Meal Service Planning 62min
Topic 1 Methods to Provide Meals 13min
Topic 2 Meal Pattern Requirements 13min
Topic 3 Meal Service Requirements 13min
Topic 4 Food Safety 13min
Topic 5 Contracting – (differs between states) 13min
LESSON 3 Staffing 47min
Topic 1 Administrative Staff Responsibilities 16min
Topic 2 Site Supervisor’s Responsibilities 16min
Topic 3 Sponsor Monitor’s Responsibilities 16min
LESSON 4 Recordkeeping 41min
Topic 1 Administrative Recordkeeping Requirements 14min
Topic 2 Financial Recordkeeping Requirements 14min
Topic 3 The Administrative Review 14min

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