Brighton Training Group is an online training development company focused on providing e-Learning solutions for School Food and Nutrition programs. We offer ready-to-use USDA compliant training videos that can be customized to an organization’s own needs as well as automated tools to deploy, track and follow up on training. We also offer a knowledge base application called Brighton KB. This web app is hosted in the cloud and designed to organize and present your most common training participant questions or problems and an explanation/online training of how to solve them.

Brighton is committed to helping organizations move their training online. Our online training courses and modules are multimedia based, automated and easy to use. The key benefits of using our e-Learning services include:

  • Use your training budget more effectively
  • We help to reduce your cost per training attendee
  • We help to free up staff time – if your staff no longer needs to spend as much time providing face-to-face trainings and other technical assistance, they can be focused on more productive tasks
  • Expand the geographic reach of your training
  • Leverage a greater pool of subject matter experts
  • Access your learning content on demand, 24/7