We typically charge an annual licensing fee for Bright Track and the library of online courses. Contact us for pricing. For states, fees are usually based upon the size of the state. For sponsoring organizations, it’s usually based on the number of homes and centers.

  1. Kick off meeting with the Brighton team
  2. Choose a domain for your portal (i.e. http://childnutritiontoolbox.comhttp://depdnow.comhttp://ohiochildnutrition.com) and we register it for you.
  3. We set up your Bright Track site on our web server and brand it with your logo and color scheme
  4. The team revises the course scripts to customize the content to your specific needs
  5. We produce the courses with your branding on the intro screens
  6. We load the courses into the Bright Track system
  7. We train your staff on how to administer Bright Track
  8. Go live!



  • Tamra Jackson was the State Director for the Wyoming Department of Education, overseeing the CACFP and SFSP for about 13 years. 
  • Megan Roberts has 14 years of experience as a CACFP Field Monitor with Association for Child Development and Grand Rapids Urban League.
  • Dana Galardi has 11 years of experience as a CACFP and SFSP Specialist with Michigan Department of Education.
  • Anastasia Tsekeris was a CACFP and SFSP Program Consultant and training coordinator for the Vermont Agency of Education for about 3 years.

We have had 99.99% uptime for the past 3 years.

What happens when a team of teachers, actors, designers, and eLearning specialists come together with the goal of helping kids lead healthier lives? Led by founder Mike Matukaitis, Brighton Training Group supports professionals committed to the health and education of children by transforming complicated training materials into simple and fun interactive digital experiences.

Our staff is made up of an interesting group. We have:

  • Actors
  • K-12 teachers
  • Instructional designers
  • Graphic designers
  • LMS developers
  • eLearning developers
  • CACFP and SFSP experts
  • Course content writers
  • Curriculum development specialists
  • Help desk support
  • Mike Matukaitis, CEO, Co-Founder of Brighton
  • BS in Elementary Education, MS in Special Education
  • Has specialized in eLearning since 1999
  • K-12 classroom teacher in the 90’s
  • Co-authored an eLearning book for the US Department of Education NCES: “Forum Guide to Elementary/Secondary Virtual Education”
  • Worked for Penn State University as Lead Applications Developer for 45 Penn State department websites, specialized in Section 508 web accessibility.
  • Worked as the Web Service Manager for CSIU for 18 years.
    • Head of product development for a content management system, learning management system and eLearning operation.
    • Co-created eSchool Builder CMS, a content management system for K-12 schools.
    • Co-created eSchool Builder LMS, a class website system for K-12 educators that is currently being used many educational service agencies in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.
    • Founded Academy PA, the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit’s web-based education program that has served over 2,500 educators and students from over a dozen different states and countries.
    • Designed and developed online courses, websites and web applications forinstitutions such as US Department of Education, Schools Interoperability Framework Association (SIFA), Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Pennsylvania State Education Association and the State Museum of Pennsylvania.
    • Taught K-3 students, graduate level continuing professional education courses for K-12 educators and graduate level college courses for K-12 educators